To upload funds to user's wallet, redirect user to the following URI, depending on language to be used on the page:
User will select amount, currency and payment type to fill her account.
Info You can also open this page in iframe or pop-up. We recommend using our JavaScript library for better integration.

Integrating pages with your system

Both pages accept these query parameters:
Parameter Type Remarks Description
client_id string required if any other parameter is passed Your client ID. It is the same ID you use when making authorized requests to API
redirect_uri string optional URI to redirect user after rejecting or completing the requested action
wallet_id integer optional Wallet ID you expect user to use. If user will use some other wallet, notification to the user will be shown.
Warning You must pass client_id parameter if you want to use lightbox to show pages in. Otherwise frame will reopen itself in the parent window.
If client_id parameter is passed, Paysera system will notify you about the result (rejected or completed) of current action. Integration is already made in the JavaScript library. If you don't want to use our library, the easiest method is to provide the redirect_uri parameter, the status is passed in the status query parameter, added to the redirect_uri.

Status codes

User has successfully completed requested action (upload funds or cash out).
User has rejected the specified action (upload funds or cash out).
Some error occurred.

Example workflow

User is redirected to the following URI:
After successful cash out, user is redirected to the following URI:
Info JavaScript library allows to get status code without using additional redirect page.