is an advanced, effective, proven and safe electronic money system with an unlimited electronic money licence No. 1 issued by the Bank of Lithuania. It offers a free settlement account which allows for a quick, safe and low-cost (often – free of charge) payment for goods and services. account is a true electronic wallet, which can not be lost; you will always find the amount of money that you have deposited in your account. In most cases, this type of account is better than bank account, because it is subject to higher security requirements, administrators of system can not lend or invest money held on the owner’s account. services are constantly expanded and improved by the top-level specialists in accordance with the latest payment innovations.

Technical specifications: account API – payment information exchange and execution system (MIAVS)

This system enables the customer to transfer money directly from account. Within the system, the money is transferred in real time; money transfers to banks are performed seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

API for the movement of funds on account

This is a service which informs your system about the movement of funds on account. A notice about executed or received payment is automatically sent to the account owner in the most convenient way: by e-mail or SMS; the information system is directly informed.

Online payment collection via direct interface

This is the opportunity to collect payments, after installing free plugins of a direct interface (bank-link) designed for the most popular content management systems. This is more expeditious and less costly way of payment than that performed through a bank.

SMS keywords

This service provides the opportunity to collect payments by means of premium-rate SMS messages. The service operates in more than 65 countries. The seller’s website provides information about the price of a product or service, instructions on the short number and text of SMS message to be sent in order to buy the product or service.

IN APP SMS payments

This is a service which allows for charging additional services in a mobile application or game. By a single click, a premium-rate SMS message is sent to pay for a service. Suitable for Android operating system. Possibility to choose countries where the service will be provided.

900th line API

This is the way to pay for a product or service by means of a premium-rate telephone call. The website provides information about the price of the product or service along with the telephone number. Having made a call, the buyer receives a code which has to be entered on the website and, thus, the payment for the product or service is made. Simple technical integration, higher payout percentage than that of SMS payments.