The Delivery API enables you to send your parcels using various delivery services. No need to sign separate agreements with couriers – we have done it for you. Enjoy simple integration and quick support when needed. More about the service

Step 1. Read the documentation

First of all, before continuing you should read the documentation to find out if you are looking for the right tool.

Step 2. Get a Paysera account

To obtain an account – register at Paysera and complete the identification.

Watch video instructions

Step 3. Order the Payment collection service

Log in to the account you created and follow these steps:

Settings -> Profile Settings -> Service management -> Online payment collection via e-banking and other systems -> Order.

order-service order-service

Step 4. Create a project

Select Project and Activities -> My Projects.

If this section is not visible, reload the page. To create a new project, click Add new project.

Watch video instructions


Step 5. Order delivery service

After your project is confirmed or if you already have an active project go to:

Settings -> Profile Settings -> Service management -> Delivery -> Order.


Step 6. Add information about your e-shop

When you are logged in your go to: Delivery -> Settings.

Select your desired project and fill in your shop’s storage address and contact information. This information will be used in the delivery order creation if no other information is provided.

Click Save .


Step 7. Integrate

For the integration you will need your project_id and sign_password.

Both of these parameters are listed under Project and Activities -> My Projects -> Project settings -> General project settings.

Depending on the type of your website, you can select one of the available methods to integrate - see the chapter Integrations .