Error code Error description
0x1 Payment amount is too small.
0x2 Payment amount is too big.
0x3 Selected currency is not available.
0x4 Amount or currency is missing.
0x6 projectId is missing or such ID does not exist.
0x7 Testing mode is turned off, but you have still tried to make a test payment.
0x8 You have banned this way of payment.
0x9 Coding of variable "paytext" is not suitable (has to be utf-8).
0x10 Empty or not correctly filled "orderID".
0x11x0 Project has not been checked by our administrator.
0x11x2 Project is suspended by the client.
0x11x4 Project is blocked by our administrators.
0x11x5 Project is deleted from our system
0x11x6 Project has been checked, but is not yet confirmed
0x13 Accepturl, cancellurl, callbacurl or referer base address differs from the addresses confirmed in the project.
0x14 Invalid "sign" parameter.
0x15x0 At least one of these parameters is incorrect: cancelurl, accepturl, callbackurl.
0x15x1 Parameter time_limit is not valid (wrong format or not valid value)