Payment collection flow


1. A payment request is made to Paysera and your customer is provided with a list of available payment methods. If you want to find out what type of data has to be in the payment request and what type of data is to be returned by Paysera, see the chapter, Integration with specification.

  • If the customer refuses to pay, they will be returned to the cancelurl address specified by you.
  • If there are errors in the payment request, an error page will be displayed. Possible error values can be viewed in the chapter Error codes.

2. Your customer will be redirected to the selected payment system.

3. Having made a payment, the customer will be redirected to Paysera.

4. When returning from the payment system, the customer will automatically be redirected to accepturl address specified by you.

5. Paysera will be informed after the payment system fully executes the payment.

6. Having received information about the successful payment, Paysera will send a callback to your specified callbackurl address and provide all the information about the payment.