The system developed by Paysera allows online payments by means of a single centralized interface (API). You will simply need to install our system on your website. Then, the processes will be performed automatically.

This is done by addressing our servers, by transferring the parameters listed below in the documentation. After the installation, your website visitors will have the opportunity to choose from all of our payment methods. Once the payment with the amount specified by you is made, the relevant information is sent to your website.

The layout below shows how Paysera system works.

  • 1. Data array described in the specification is transferred to Paysera system and your website visitor is provided with the list of available payment methods. If you want to find out what type of data has to be transferred from your system and what type of data is to be returned by, see chapter “Detailed Specification”.
    • 1.1. If the user refuses to pay, s/he will be returned to the cancelurl address specified by you.
    • 1.2. If there are errors in the transferred data array, they will be reported at the specified callback address, by respectively indicating status and error parameters. In such case, an error page will be displayed to your website visitor. Possible error parameter values can be viewed in chapter “Detailed Specification”.
  • 2. Your website visitor will be directed to the selected payment system.
  • 3. Having made a payment, the visitor will be redirected to Paysera.
  • 4. When returning from the payment system, the visitor will be automatically redirected to accepturl address specified by you.
  • 5. Paysera system will be informed after the payment system fully executes the payment.
  • 6. Having received information about the executed payment, Paysera will address your website at the specified callbackurl address and transfer all the information on the payment.

How to integrate?

Integration of SMS Bank payment type is identical to the integration of payment collection. The only difference is that during request generation to Paysera system one should specify payment parameter's value as "smsbank".

Libwebtopay can also be used for this specific case. During request generation payment parameter's value should be equal to "smsbank".

Payment briefing is exactly the same as in payment collection. Libwebtopay library can be also used for payment briefing processing.