Scanned QR code information

Info This chapter is meant only for clients that scan QR codes themselves, not generates them

Getting information about scanned code




Contents of scanned QR code

Response data structure

Parameter Type Remarks Description
type string always Type of the scanned code, indicating action to take
parameters object depends on type parameter More information about the code. Structure depends on type parameter
Info not_found error is returned if code was unrecognised

Code types

Currently these code types are supported:

Indicates transaction to confirm.
Indicates that this QR code is used to identify spot. See POS Features for more information
Indicates that QR code is used to fill payment information, which can be changed by the user

Parameters structure for transaction type

Parameter Type Remarks Description
transaction_key string always Key of the transaction

Parameters structure for spot type

Parameter Type Remarks Description
spot_id integer always ID of the spot

Parameters structure for prefill type

Parameter Type Remarks Description
beneficiary object always Information about beneficiary. See structure below
price integer optional Default price for payment in cents. Always comes with currency
currency string optional Default currency for payment. Always comes with currency
description string optional Default description for payment
Beneficiary information data structure
Parameter Type Remarks Description
wallet_id integer always ID of beneficiary's wallet. This should be provided as beneficiary in the payment
account_number string always User's main account number, related to the main wallet
user_id integer always ID of this user
display_name string optional Full name (possibly only with the first letter of surname) or title of the user
phone string optional Phone number of the user
email string optional Email address of the user
Info Usually phone or email is only provided when display_name is unavailable.