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Supported transactions

Currently in application only transactions with single payment can be displayed and confirmed. If payment has any items, their information is not displayed for the user.

Redirecting to application

To confirm wallet transaction in application, user should be redirected to the following URI:



Key of the transaction
URI to redirect after successful transaction reservation or failure

Generating QR codes for Paysera application

Some QR codes initiate some specific actions when scanned with Paysera application.

Supported QR code templates:

Code is used to initiate transaction confirmation.
Code is used to get transactions registered for some concrete place. See POS Features for more details.
walletId is padded with 0 to the left side to the total of 12 characters. This code initializes payment form to beneficiary with specified wallet ID. For example, use EVP000000000001 to initialize payment form to wallet with ID 1.{code}
code is any other QR code - when this QR code is scanned with Paysera application, this has the same effect as if just the code value is scanned. However if it's scanned with some other QR code scanner, page in this URL gives more information about the application and how it could be installed on the device