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Earn with Paysera

Do you create a libraries?

We will pay from 100 to 200 EUR for an accurate and working programming code. If you’d like to cooperate in the future and receive orders for maintenance of a specific system version, the code and your contact data will be published for open use.

Contact us via email to

You can integrate Paysera system into your website by downloading our open source software library lib_deliver_api. The library can be used to check all the necessary security parameters of transferred and received data.

  • lib-delivery-api-merchant-client for PHP from GitHub.
    $ git clone

Library usage

This library provides ClientFactory class, which you should use to get the API client itself:

use Paysera\DeliveryApi\MerchantClient\ClientFactory;

$clientFactory = new ClientFactory([
    'base_url' => '',
    'mac' => [
        'mac_id' => 'project_id',
        'mac_secret' => 'project_password',

$merchantClient = $clientFactory->getMerchantClient();

Library methods

Now, that you have instance of MerchantClient, you can use following methods:

Get shipment gateways

use Paysera\DeliveryApi\MerchantClient\Entity\GatewaysFilter;

$gatewaysFilter = (new GatewaysFilter())

$result = $merchantClient->updateGateway($gatewaysFilter);

Create shipping order

use Paysera\DeliveryApi\MerchantClient\Entity\OrderCreate;

$orderCreate = new OrderCreate()

$result = $merchantClient->createOrder($orderCreate);