In case additional information about payer is needed (i.e. personal code) for client, it is possible to request it from payer on reserving Transaction. To perform such action, you should create a Inquiry object, which acts as a container for a list of InquiryItem objects. Then add newly created Inquiry (or some of them) as array to Transaction. See Create transaction for more information.

Object structures


Parameter Type Remarks Description
identifier string always Unique identifier for current Inquiry item.
type string always One of required, optional strings. Flags whether or not current Inquiry is required.
items array of objects always Array of InquiryItem objects for this Inquiry.
description string optional Description of current Inquiry
status string readonly, unavailable if no decision is made by payer yet One of accepted, declined strings. Tells whether or not current Inquiry is accepted by the payer.


Parameter Type Remarks Description
identifier string always Unique identifier for current InquiryItem.
type string always One of supported types (see below).
title string optional A title displayed to payer.
Possible InquiryItem types:
@deprecated person_code
Payer will be informed, that his personal code will be given to client. This type will be removed in the future releases.
Identity data structure (see identity data structure).


Parameter Type Remarks Description
inquiry_identifier string readonly Inquiry identifier.
item_identifier string readonly InquiryItem identifier.
value mixed readonly Value provided by InquiryItem type.

Granting requested data


Payer will be introduced to all data that client will receive after Transaction will be reserved. To avoid fraud, the display of Inquiry and InquiryItem data will be handled by Paysera.

Info It should be noted, that payer can disallow access to requested information thereby transaction will not be reserved.

After Transaction has been reserved, client can receive data by making request to inquired information resource. Only Inquiry objects, accepted by payer will be shown.

Inquired information resource

As a response, client will receive a list of InquiryResult objects as items:
    "items": [
            "inquiry_identifier": "pDAlAZ3z",
            "item_identifier": "k9rFrYb0",
            "value": "12345678901"